How to find an exorcist priest

Some dioceses in the world do not have appointed exorcists, but every diocese has its bishop. He can conduct exorcisms or appoint a priest as an exorcist in his diocese.

1. First step – confession

If you are a Catholic, ask your confessor during confession to examine the situation and advise you, whether a particular case needs an exorcism or a prayer for delivery.
Confessing sins and recognizing an evil spirit’s influence might suffice to free a person from the devil.
Before confession remember about its five conditions. During the examination of conscience it is good to conduct a first analysis of the possible evil spirit’s influence.

2. Non-Catholics and non-Christians

If you have not been baptised in a Catholic church, or if you are not even Christian, you can still ask an exorcist priest for prayer for deliverance or an exorcism. Jesus freed non-Jews from evil spirits, as did the apostles and first Christians.

3. How to find an exorcist priest?

  • You can ask your confessor or your parish priest to help you get in touch with an exorcist. The parish priest should have information on appointed exorcists in the diocese.
  • You can call the episcopal curia and ask for a telephone number to an exorcist priest. The curia will always have up-to-date information on exorcists.

4. Call an exorcist priest

Call an exorcist priest, tell him about your suspicions related to an evil spirits action, make an appointment for a meeting and prayer.



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260 thoughts on “How to find an exorcist priest”

  1. Everytime i pray the prayer protection against the bad eye i start to yawn and they say its a sign we dont have an excorsit what to do .pls help

  2. I am a non Christian. I live in Boston, MA, I have been suffering from symptoms of demonic possession for years. I am looking for help.

  3. My brother having sorcery problem. How can i find roman catholic priest in Calcutta-India or other parts of India?

    I am asking for exorcism priest to cure black magic or witchcraft sorcery salvation.

    Indranil Ganguly

  4. I need help cast demons out of me. They have said they are demons.I use to do EVP’s, thinking I could find my grandmother. I believe in Jesus and now worship him but they will not leave. San Antonio TX. My cell *** Call me anytime.

  5. Do you know a priest in London, Canada who is authorized to do exorcisms? My friend needs help, he has been experiencing a lot of situations to the point he got anxiety, fear, and depression. Thank you so much!

  6. Does anyone know if there is an exorcist in thibodaux,la. My husband needs a priest. Has been having this spiritual battle for 2 yrs. now

    • I think the are no exorcists. Bishop can perform exorcism but…………
      It is better solution to fin exorcist in Switzerland or Austria…

  7. Hi. What is the exorcism specialized place in France? Thanks. I don’t want to call the diocese, but I would know the service specialized in exorcism.
    Thanks again.

  8. Hi again, there is a very dangereous site, that says you can become an exorcist (it’s a paying cursus of course) [removed], the Catholic church should make a complaint against them, because on their site, everything is made for us to think they are from the catholic church (they call themselves “traditional catholic church”, and they say, because they is a lack of exorcist in the catholic church, you have to become an exorcist.
    Please, examine this site, it’s identity thief, and even if they add “traditional”, all their site is about making the confusion to scam people.
    Please, do something!

  9. Good morning, please I am in need of an exorcist, to cast out a demon of sexual immorality, called an incubo, who is living in me, and having sex with me 24/7. I feel what he does to me, in the physical planes. I feel this is astral projection of some demonic sort, into my body. he is also a trickster, who will send out other demons to be casted out, when I go for deliverance, while he remains inside me. He also uses faces of men I know now and in the past, in order to use them to have sex with me.

    He has often tormented me, that I dare not reveal his secret, about throwing out those demons, which he does to keep himself in me. please, I need help, it is a living hell with this problem. I live in Maryland, and have contacted the archdiocese of both Baltimore and Washington dc, but they said They don’t do exorcism’s. Please, I need help. Who can I get to help me?

  10. I need help. In the middle of the night, I wake up speaking in Tongue sounding like the Devil himself. My dog levitates off the bed and is being thrown around i am being touched and my limbs are being lifted in mid air.I sometimes where I cannot move and there is a precsense holding me down. I hear a mans laughter in the middle of the night. I am being grooped and being sexual assaulted. i need help please… i do not know what to do. I reside in the Woodlands, Texas, and i am so tired of having this battle with them. Who can I speak to abouth this??

    • Go to the nearest catholic church and talk about it with the priest so he can contact you with an exorcist in your area. What he can do is to make deliverance prayers on you. It helps to have holly water and and make special prayers in your house while you spray it around. Demons don’t want them to be “discovered” you have to be brave and stick to God but most importantly to have strong faith in Him. God bless you!

    • Rachel I have a sister that live in ur area n I believe she is having similar problems. Pls if u find an exorcism priest ctct me ok tks

  11. Please help me!
    I live in Sweden near Stockholm and I know I am possessed. I need help as soon as possible and it is terrible! (I red a book “An exorcist tells his story” as a priest recommended.
    Do you know where to get help not so far from Sweden? Thank you!

  12. I need to find a priest that can perform a deliverance from oppression. I am not experiencing possession ( at least I seriously doubt that). I live in the Cleveland, Ohio Diocese.

  13. I am looking for an exorcist in Johannesburg South Africa. I am plagued by evil spirits who have sex with me using faces I am familiar with. Anything I do or touch does not prosper. People just dislike me like I have a smell that chases them away

  14. I need an exorcist for Tenino, Washington, my girlfriend is possesed by Duriel, Lord of Pain, one of the 7 original demons. Please give me the names and ways to contact, thank you

  15. Please help me I live in Tennessee and my boyfriend is possessed we have prayed over him and tried to cast it out but it won’t go please help

  16. Can someone point me in the right direction I’m looking for an exorcist Near the ky, tn n va state lines.Right in the corner of them thanks in advance

  17. I’m in need of an exorcist in my home &/or in my life or both & I live in west central MN. Who would I call for help?

  18. my name is Michael barnes I need a exersist please help this is real. it is getting worse by day please help it happened as a part of a native serimony god please help

  19. Has anyone heard of a Franciscan Priest originally from the New York area named Fr David ? He was performing exorcisms around the year 2000. I m trying to find him .

  20. Hi I think I need an exorcise I live in North Carolina I’m not sure if I have “evils” in me or not but every time at night it’s like I can fill the darkness, satanice signs come into my haed I can’t them from comeing I fill wants me to go into the wood for some reson, before wen I was 14 I had dreams 30 days and night of a demon comeing at me at the end of the 30 days and nights it said something like “come to me you know you want me” I told it no I belive in god and it went away them wen I turned 16 I think it came back I’m 18 now and wen it turns dark out side it comes back I call it darkness, I had people pray over me twice already, it did rist but dint go away, gods angle won’t let it touch me I saw it in on of my dreams it was trying to touch me but a night light saved me, one of my drams the angle asked me if I wanted to wake up after falling off a cliff I said yes and woke up this was all wen I was 15 before the darkness came back wen I was 16 also wen I was 12- 4 or 5 I saw this demons or thing out of my dream, it scars me wen it happens I can’t control it I’m scars it might comsum me, I don’t know why it happens at night, I don’t know why it’s Ben happening thour my life I don’t know why it came back I don’t want it to consum me I love god not evil but even now as I write and it turns dark I can fill the “evil” it’s calling for me agin but I rist but I don’t know for how long pleas help me this is why I am wondering about am wondering about an exorcist I must end with this because I’m filling strange…

  21. is there an exorcist in london england its destroying my life please help me my name is lenny i live in croydon surrey

  22. monroe nc need help bad from exorcist priest something started back two years ago siting in my watching TV heard a big boom in my head felt something evil pushing down on my shoulders and neck than a ringing in my ears started hearing something talking to me touch me and still doing it lost my job cant cant get away seas hes Lucifer not crazy and dumb can you help he saying :now is not going in less he wont to if he gotten out get back in in my car this not a joke what do i do.

  23. Hi my name is Jane and i feel that i have a friend who i think is being possessed by an evil spirit. recently they have changed in a strange way and i can understand why, he ALWAYS wore a cross and now he wont go near it and he never goes to church… im beginning to get worried as hes pushing all he knows away from him. ive also witnessed him doing demonic things… it was awful.. he refuses to let me help with anything and ive often heard him muttering disgusting things no human should ever say. we live ion scotland and i have no idea what to do!! please help!!

  24. Almighty and merciful Father, I implore your forgiveness for all the times I have sinned against your holy Catholic Church. Please forgive me for disrespecting anything that was sacred, for spreading gossip, being angry, criticizing the priest’s homily, and projecting negative word curses. Please send forth your Holy Spirit to repair and restore all the damage that I have caused in the past.

    Merciful Lord Jesus, I ask for your grace to forgive all members of the clergy who have ever hurt me. I forgive my parish priest for all his harmful actions and unkind words that he has spoken against me. I forgive all those in positions of authority, especially any members of the clergy who have violated my mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. I ask for your loving grace to heal all the circumstances where I failed to receive the love and support that I needed from my parish community.

    By an act of my free will, I choose to forgive everybody, including the people who hurt me the most. I release my desire to receive an apology, my need to be justified in my actions, and my need for others to acknowledge the injustice. I surrender the entire debt of all injuries into your merciful hands, Lord Jesus. I denounce all forms of anger, bitterness, and resentment, and I command any evil spirits that have attached themselves to me through the lack of forgiveness to leave now and go straight to the feet of the Lord, Jesus Christ.

    Through the power of your Holy Spirit, I ask you, Lord Jesus, to fill me with your love, joy, peace, kindness, generosity, and self-control. May your healing hand rest upon me now as I bless all those who have hurt me. I desire to be kind and compassionate to everyone, forgiving them just as you have forgiven me. Amen.

  25. I am from knoxville tennesse i need a exercist as quick as possible this thing is taking control of my friend.hes desprite for any help to get rid of it

  26. I need help in the name of Jesus Christ, I have been possessed for years and need the best priest available, I am in the Midwest. Please help me out. God bless

  27. Please hurry I need an exorcist my girlfriend is in trouble I live in Blackfoot Idaho I need a number to someone e who can help plsss

  28. Please help, I ‘m in desperate need of an exorcist. It attacks me mentally and physically.I live in Michigan..

  29. I am Looking for a Exorcist! My best friend Jesseka has a Demon named Nebiros attatched to her, the demon said he isnt leaving without Jesseka. I don’t know what to do or where to go. Please Help us!

  30. Hello,
    I am writing because My mother suffers from a demonic possession I believe. I am a Christian non Catholic but I do know that this is one of the Catholic churches specialties. My mother will be fine then go into a fit of rage her eyes will roll into the back of her head and she will begin speaking in a very very deep male voice with a threatening tone. She used to practice satanic rituals and was in a satanic cult. I am very concerned as I have been staying with her the last two months and I have been experiencing very scary and vivid lucid dreams. I don’t want to go into details here but every time I wake from them a shadow leaves the room. I do my part but to no avail. I live in Fort Dodge Iowa. Please help us if you can we need outside help for this.

  31. My 17 year old son is being tormented by evil spirits.I need a number for priest to contact. Please help me! I live in Espanola New Mexico.

  32. Please does any one know priest in Melbourne Australia to help me, I had enough from this life, I have been seen and beaten and sleeping next to me in my bed bad spirit I would call it but I have seen a head black bull with snake eyes infront of me and lot more to mention??!! Please I need some help

  33. I am under demonic psychosis. I keep thinking blasphemous thoughts that never cease to end even while I pray to God. I’ve spoken to family, I’ve had people pray for me, I have prayed many times and I’m afraid that my soul is damned to Hell. Please help me. I need a Priest to cast these demons out of me. I live in Brandon Florida.

  34. Hi,
    My name is Sean and my wife Jacqueline. (John and Mikaela are our church names). I will give some details so please bear with me.
    We have been fighting demonic oppression for like 16 years. we saw an exorcist when we were overseas in Europe for like 6 years. we worked with several but in our last place in Belgium we could not get in touch with one. The last exorcist in Germany said e need to keep working with one. We my wife and I have not had great luck either. It prevents her from working really and it affects me as well. We are now in Manchester NH. We are Russian Orthodox and we did ask them here for one, but it seems thee request moves at positively glacial speed. The Orthodox will generally recommend going to a monastery which they recommended. we did that in Europe, but the one monastery the priest came into ill health and could not proceed. My wife went to a women’s monastery and after one day asked her to return because the oppression upset the peace of the entire monastery and they were not equipped to deal with the level of disruption. In the early years of this when it was mainly my wife affected we spent years and a fortune on doctors who ended up recommending a man who regarded himself as a shaman (we did not know this at the time and yes he made things a 1000 times worse). We became orthodox in 2010 when we went to them seeking help and they helped to a degree. It has been a real knock down drag out fight. Yes we experience preternatural events on a regular basis and my wife as a result of the original problem can see and hear demons as well and can see the spiritual battles that are going on in the world. IE demons who are harassing others, she can recognize some one possessed or oppressed and they constantly send her pain of one sort or another and talk to her etc. Like a radio where you can not turn the volume down or off. We went through exorcists who admitted that they did not have the spiritual authority to deal with our problem. So not only do we need an exorcist but we need a good one. I too have seen them and been able to hear them, but I can turn it down / ignore them. Sometimes it is harder like when I wake up at night and I have cuts on my body from head to toe. That has happen in church in fact in front of a roomful of witnesses. scared the hell out a lot of people. I thought I would give some details of the degree of the problems. It is a very difficult thing to deal with day in and day out. We pray constantly and are religious being Orthodox. And yes the doctors have freely admitted that thee issue is not a medical one. So we need some one experienced and will not give up easily at least. You find out how much faith they have after they see thee preternatural happen in their presence. For others out there realize that deliverance might not come immediately, it might take some time. I thank you for what ever help and prayers you can give us.

  35. My name is Eve I need an exorcist .iv been troubled by the same strange presence for more than 12years..could you connect me to an exorcist in Germany? Please I’m desperate..

    • I think there is no nominated exorcists in Germany. You should call your diocese curia and ask for priest who can perform exorcism at the request of of Bishop.


  37. Please in Jesus’s name I need an emergency baptism conformation and urgently need an exorcist please help my lord or any priest that can do this urgently

  38. I heard there is an exorcist in the diocese of Monterey,ca. by name of F r. John Faroa,but one has to go through a sister in the diocese in order to contact him and she is on vacation. .Any suggestions to get immediate help?

    • Reverend John Farao, O.F.M.Conv.,- Chaplain, California Men’s Colony (East and West), In-Residence
      Call and ask, Rectory Phone: (805) 773-2219

  39. Hi. I’m non-Christian, non-Catholic and I’ve been experiencing spirit ‘possession’ for the last 15 years. Is exorcism the answer and who can I contact if that is the case?

    • Call:
      Pompallier Diocesan Centre
      30 New Street,
      Private Bag 47904,
      Auckland 1144,
      Aotearoa – New Zealand

      Phone – (09) 378 4380

  40. Good morning. I need help please. I’m a devote Catholic, but married to antireligion man for 10 years. Our marriage is driving me to a point that I was thinking to kill myself. I hate averybody most of the time, I feel hopeless and I blame myself about everything bad that happen to me and our family. I started to do some research and I came across with evil worked I heritage from some member of my family as a teenager. I’m 43 now. Could possible someone help me get rid of this horrible evil that is ruining my life and of my family, please. I live in ALBURY, Ware, Hertforshire, United of Kingdon. God bless you.

  41. Mine are fallen angel(s). Sangre Azul. I was able to get a succubus out but I think this one demon is appearing as two and its Belial. Its telling me this other one is satan. He has a different voice. I live in Kansas. They molest me. I cant get them to stop, and make me itch with bites that appear and go away the next day. I hear them many times. I cant make them stop. Can you please help me? I smell sulfer sometimes or feel oppressed.It says its here until I die. Lately it leaves me alone for a while but then comes back to remind me its still here.

  42. I am looking for an exorcist priest in Baltimore, MD or Philadelphia, PA area for my friend who is tormented by the demon. Any info? Many thanks. God bless you all.

    • Rafał, przyjaciel musi zadzwonić do kurii archidiecezji Filadelfii i zapytać wprost o egzorcystę w tej diecezji. 215-587-3600, Pamiętajcie – każdy biskup jest egzorcystą i ma możliwość wyznaczenia do tej posługi dowolnego księdza, który spełnia określone warunki. Więc to oznacza, że każda diecezja ma swojego egzorcystę.

  43. Hello, I have opened my self up to demonic oppression by having a relationship with a man who is demonically possessed.Please help me to get into contact with a priest in Vancouver, BC, Canada, thanks!

  44. Do You have any contact for an exorcist in London? To many things is wrong with me and around me and I don’t know the reason I cannot live any more like this

  45. Hello,
    I am looking for someone who can help get in contact with someone who may help me. A friend of mine, her, daughter who is 2 years old could/is being bothered by a evil spirit/demon. I don’t know what it is. She doesn’t know what it is either. It had been going on for 7 months now. Wet love in Minnesota, so the Twin Cities, or, Rochester, MN. Please help!!
    God bless you all

  46. My Mother has been diagnosed with every thing from Anxiety/Bipolar and Schizophrenia and has been on almost every medication there is over the past 20 years. And nothing stops what seems to be manifestations.This all started in her 40’s after learning to speak and interpret tongues supposedly. I am looking for an exorcist or any guidance in this matter. We live in the US. Central Florida.

  47. Ladies and gentle men, yesterday I had the most disturbing dream of my entire life…I am 32 years old…I am not goinginto details to protect my identity…I need a confession and a priest experienced in demonology. I went to the. Covington,KY diocese,the three buildings, checked almost every exit and entrance…I was minutes late…I need help…please, I have my first therapy session next wednesday by an unbiased proffessional…I need a priest…right now, right away, I have a confession and a story…a story …a disturbing story that needs to be recorded and diagnosed by both priests and proffessionals…please,help.I can’t do this alone…I am now a victim of a spiritual attack…long planning, years and decades to execute….I can’t say more…please. I need information, I am awake.

  48. Please I’m desperately in need of help is there an exorcist in or near Omaha Nebraska. I am been attacked in my home by sexual demons and I have tried many things that i have been told but it only make it stronger and I am worried it might also be messing with my kids.

  49. Please I need an exocrism as soon as possible I have had this effiction for nearly 9 years.

    I need a Exocrism Priest in the Brighton, Sussex Area, so grateful for your help

  50. Iam from india state west bengal city kolkata i want a good excorsist here for the deliverence kindly reply fast

  51. Do you know who does an exorcism in san antonio Texas. I have been having alot of problems in my house. Im hearing voices and grawling outside n night. Things moving and disappearing from where I put them. Walking around at night. Being depressed and angry all the time Now. Please I need help

  52. My name is Lois. I need an exorcist to perform on me. I have evil spirits in my life and I can’t get rid of them myself. I have called upon God to help and he is not strong enough to rid the evil spirit from me. Please help! I’m in disparate need of an exorcism.! I am telling the truth!.

  53. Help me please, I am in need of an exorcism, I am possessed by an incubus. my phone number is 408-836-5061, my e-mail is Can an exorcism be performed without involving my family? They cannot know, they are Mormon and do not believe in this kind of stuff, and it would alienate me from them forever. Not to mention my mother is schizophrenic and anything I tell them, they will just assume is that.

    • Hi anjilyn my names vera from England I have the same problem I have lived with this for this for the last eight and half years mine is a black mass and has green and red ectoplasm when it enters my body it feels like electic shock but different it makes me feel sick plus I get sulfur smells I had foot prints follow me and where ever I go it’s with me it’s inside me and I anger quickly with any body but have not been able find a priest to do an excorisim Love vera Haywood xxxx

  54. please i need help im being sexually assaulted at night and sometimes during the day ive noticed that they affect my emotions out of nowhere i feel anger and hate towards family members and co workers and i can feel them around me all day they cause me to have anxiety to the point that i don’t go out i live in palmdale california please help

  55. Hello, I am from Maryland there is a blasphemous spirit that has been following me for 20 yrs now. I used to ignore it, but now it’s gotten way to the point where it’s effecting my marriage. I really need to speak to someone about this problem. Can you just give me a number to someone that I can talk to. Thank you

  56. Hello, my name is Amanda, I live in Conway South Carolina. My sister and her husband are being tormented by something, and we think it’s a demon or demons. There are evil faces all over her body. You can look at her foot, and a face just pops out at you. It is definitely not mstrixing. Ive shown pictures to people without even suggesting what they are looking at. You can litteraly glance at them and it’s like they are 3 dimensional. They want you to see them. My brother in law is losing his mind but swears he’s normal. My neice woke up the other night and he was sitting at the foot of his bed with something. Just sitting there. But says we are crazy. I need help for I am very afraid that they can going to hurt themselves. He no longer sleeps. All she does is cry. Please help me.

    • It looks serious. Call you parish priest and ask for help or call diocese curia and ask for the nearest exorcist. +1 803-345-7407

  57. Hello

    I need to speak with a priest for the past 4 yrs I have been having a spiritual warfare. I have been thinking blasphemous thoughts and battles in my mind. I have had prayers from pastors all the time but it still seems to bother me. Even when I try to pray myself I will get distracted from praying.. please help me!!! I need a priest to help me get rid of whatever evil is trying take over I don’t want to lose my soul to hell.. Help please

  58. Hello, I need to find an exorcist ASAP!!! I live in Maine. When I was 5 I had epilepsy (3-5 times a day). I finally got rid of them surgically at age 19 but the 2nd day I was home from the hospital, while my mom was at work I was at home sitting on the floor and all the sudden (out of no where) my body gets pushed ”VERY” fast against the wall (with my back hitting the wall). Which told me, I got it out of me but it is still following me!! Instead of being in me now, it goes inside my boyfriend. It doesn’t want to leave me alone!! When its in him it does and says so much mean things and when the last second comes l just say ”only the white light of Christ may enter nothing else may remain”, and I shake his head and scream his name which tends to bring him back but Please help, because day by day it starting to get stronger and Meaner!!! I’ve had to type this 3 times, because the other 2 times my computer froze on me

  59. I am in need of an exorcist in southern new jersey. I have been plagued by the demonic since childhood and I’m 46 now. It drives me to do drugs, sexual perversion, and curses things holy. During a prayer service it threw the leader to the floor and it tried to kill me, it felt like my head would explode, and my eyes became bloody. My life is so bad I don’t want to go on. Can anyone help me. I am Christian and have prayed and sought help from the church for several years, but I can’t break free.

      • Hello Griag say the Lord’s Prayer 3 times out loud and say I bind you in the name of Jesus 3times and that you are gods child and gods blood runs threw me until you can get help god bless you xxxxx love vera Haywood xx england

    • Hi Craig 🙂 Try to reach Fr. Anthony Russo @ Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Parish, 2625 B Street, Philadelphia, PA – phone: 215-634-6662

  60. hi i lm in southend on sea im looking for a good exorcist that can help me i been feeling wired like i cant cope with life and feel like im haveing bad head problems and feelling this cold feeling in side me and i feel like i want to kill my self this was my fault i was haveing a bad pain from goin to the gym then i run to a sprital healer and well lets say it wasnt very good one i walked out of there feeling wired so i no i got sprit in me that wants to kill me i got a wife and a 4 year old child and i want to see her grow up go to school come home tell me all her storys and get married and i want to see my gran kids thats all i want but i need help and i dont no were to tern and i want jesus in my life and at the same time i want to feel like michael agin please help me thank you

  61. Hi, I have been possessed by a demon for two years, and I really need an exorcist to help me, my life is already ruined by that demon, I live in Vanoucer, can somebody please help me, Thank you so much.

  62. I’m looking for a deliverance minister/exorcist in San Antonio Tx. Any information will be helpful, I can’t seem to find anything online.

  63. I have extremely crazy thoughts, and visions about gods and hand signals that I know,, its starting to scare me.. I know signs that I believe aren’t from this world.. I got them in visions. I was also speaking languages ive never known like Cantonese I looked it up and what I was saying was a real language..they talk though me all the time. I know it has to be demons. I need help.. Im in tampa, FL .. my names Ira

  64. Hi I am 23 and live in Morgan Hill CA and am looking to have an exorcism preformed for me. When I was 14 I started seeing visions of thousands of demons, one at a time tho. They would whisper into my ears and still do. Ever since I’ve suffered from severe depression and think the demon of Sloth is to blame, maybe. Please help. I use drugs to help with the depression and I’m so tired of having to use drugs. I want free of this depression. I don’t want to die depressed as I feel I will go to hell if I do. I also want to add that I’m a very strong believer, I know God is there.

  65. Hello:
    I am looking to find a priest that has experience in dealing with demonic presence. I feel that I have with in me at times demonic or evil sprits. This is been going on for the past 6 months, I have had other problems early in life.
    This last week has been really bad for me, I am not sleeping much, it seems the evil sprits want to take over my home and ruin my business. I have been reading the bible a lot, lately. What ever I am dealing with seems to have no resect for God or any religion. I am also seeing small dark objects in the air that seem to come and go at will some have entered me (gross). Please if anyone can help.
    God bless you.

    • hello god bless you iv had lots of problems with people using evil bibles to keep putting evil back on me from time to time. keep reading your bible and don’t let anything deture you. they will make you feel sleepy try to get your intention but the thing I can tell you I deal with this but don’t ever lose faith its all tricks.your not crazy.

  66. I need someone to help.. 60 years of spirits, doppelgangers, and things pretending to be aliens and ufos that are so close in daylight with other people as witnesses numerous times.. They are shocked and dumbfounded 35 years later.. Me, these things make sure if anything can go wrong it will, demons whom will walk up to me on the sidewalk … Abductions that last 7 or 8 hours…and witnesses lose same amount of time… it scares them silly…

    I am no longer scared, I am mad… I have no imagination, I have spent 10 years trying to learn to see something if I close my eyes…like most people can… NO way for me…

    At 5 years old I had my first close encounter…a spiritual being…so loving…so overwhelming with goodness, love I knew who it was, it was God, or Jesus and I knew I would spread that love and help others that so badly needed it… That’s when the bad ones started to terrorize me.. Even then my younger brother would wake up because of the light and see a UFO hovering outside and I would be gone.. Yea, I remember the fear, I begged HIM to help, i begged for years to no avail and I spewed my anger at him after 3-4 years and just about commited suicide.. i was maybe 8 years old…

    No drugs, no booze, no trouble whatsoever my whole life… NO ONE whom knows me personally or professionally (Banker for decades) would ever guess this type of thing would even cross my lips… I am sick of this.. My wife agrees, I need help to get rid of these demons..

    I think I was meant to be a minister, I have the personality to move people, it is time to be on HIS side and fight these evil forces…and helps others… as they can not scare me anymore…

  67. My name is Jennifer and I live in a rooming house with a man name Jeffrey. No one seems to care that he’s not taking his medicine. Every day he accuses me of things I never did. I have to live here too listening to him and his threats. Should I move out? Or does he need an exorcism. I haven’t had a good nights sleep since he came here.

  68. I need a exorcist , I’m possessed by a demon, I live in Vancouver can anybody help me, this is really serious, Thank you so much.

  69. I was baptized in a baptist church, but as I was converting to Catholicism I had to be baptized again (my records could not be found). Even better for me because of my past! Anyway, I have for the last 10 years or so have just been feeling things touch me, seeing things and hearing things as well. My older sister, who believes in God, just not going to church, also practices wiccan. I feel like since I have seen her some things have gotten worse. My husband, which is a total skeptic, and I heard our oldest child whisper something into out ear on the same day. This child wasn’t even in the same room when both incidences happened, so I told my sister and she said that sounds like demons and not to respond because that could cause a whole bunch of different issues. I have cleansed my house with white sage and said a prayer will doing so and it only lasted for a about a year. I know this is long, but I am having feelings of depression and just something always weighing me down. It feels like the world is always on my back. I am trying to stay positive, I have six kids and I just want to be better for them. I do try to go to church as often as possible. I also notice while I’m in church I always yawn, I mean yawning about every 5-10 minutes and I constantly yawn during prayer. I find it weird because I could go the rest of the day without yawning. I want a deliverance, I think that’s what I need. Some advice would be most helpful! Thank you so much in advance, I live on Long Island, NY.

  70. I am a youngman followed by spirits of people(witches) and tormented with mental disturbances,fake negative feelings,mind control for negative things,rape,and many other evil deeds I have account of. The evil spirits destroy my property,assault,rape spiritually in real life and bring hardship to me. I am really in need of good type of help chasing them away and removing their powers tying me.

    New York City

  71. I’m looking for an exorcist in Manchester UK, not for an exorcism but to shadow and document what happens during an exorcism, what techniques, beliefs, etc, to subside my curiosity. I know its a big ask.

  72. I m from india last 20 years I have no peace of mind hearing voices wicked words cursing word in my own native language bad odour coming out from mouth vomiting loudly bad dreams under power of black magic please in JESUS NE HELP ME

  73. I need an exorcist for my husband, he is being tormented by an evil spirit that I am able to communicate with when it takes over his body, and it wishes to cause me great harm. I am in danger! I reside in Baltimore, MD

  74. I live in Salt Lake City Utah. I believe someone has put a curse on my entire family. Its unbelievable what has happened in the last 18 months from sudden tumors to every child attacked by health issues not related to genetics. both of my kids now have multiple diseases, kidney disease being the main one. they are little. I remarried Dec 2015. We are a blended family. so many issues. 2 miscarriages lost jobs, house, every month something insane happens. 4 weeks ago my husband left. we are separated. He admits to feeling he is dark, lost and driven by a force he cannot explain. In moments he is normal and then he isn’t. His countenance is void. His eyes are’nt even the same. It literally is like my husbands soul has been high jacked!
    I have gone through what feels like hell and spiritual warfare. I am a christian. I believe my husbands x and family is into spells, black magic, gypsy, the occult. Please help. No one seems to know what to do. I have been praying in the spirit nightly and going to bat for us. Its improved but its not delivered and am in desperate need of deliverance for my family and to block what ever and who ever has done such an evil deed.

  75. My name is Antoinette and I am a born, baptized Catholic. A year ago right before Easter I was cursed by a particular woman from a coven. Long story why but it has been a nightmare. I thought it was broken by a Shaman in which I attempted to go to a Priest prior to seeing a Shaman but he looked at me like I was crazy. Obviously he did not even know what I was talking about. Or he just did not want to deal with me. I have no clue. But it was broken and I have to say I know it was real because there was a last attempt done where my bf almost choked to death in the shower at the very moment it was broken. Soon after the woman from the coven must have went to a sister coven and continued her destruction within me. Easter is coming up and I can tell I my energy is depleting worse daily and now I am becoming ill. There is high days that are considered Satanic holidays all year but the worst for me is during Easter time. At one point I felt myself dying. I need help ASAP!!!! Please direct me to where I need to go to get help. Thank you.

  76. I am looking for help in Buffalo, NY area or Western NY. Torment, harassment and attachment. Need an exorcist. I am a pastor who has horrible things happen to me. I am a very innocent, devout man. Please send me a way to get help.

  77. Hi, I live in Chesapeake, va. I have a close friend who confesses being possessed by at least two demons. He had seeked it for help via a non denominational religion church. They attempted an exorcism twice and now he feels he has been left with these demons bc they haven’t finished what they started. They keep putting him off and he feels they feel they have started something they didn’t know they were dealing with such powerful demons. He feels they are in fear of what they may encounter with further contact with him. I’m reaching out to see if anyone knows of a good exorcist in Virginia Beach, va area that can help him finally get rid of these demons once and for all. He’s been burdened with this since at lease 6 years old. Please help.

  78. My name is Catrina, I am in desperate need to talk to someone. I started hearing a voice saying blasphemy and then started to say it was Jesus.. I have been choked slapped it burns me and is apply pressure while I am doing this. Hearing antichrist. Satan. Antichrist
    .devil.. I have heard so much I could go on.. I need help.. hearing I am a fallen one.. I need help. I know what people are thinking.and what they are feeling,.it touches meFeel things blowing on me
    Tormented. Can’t get any rest.. nightmares theres so much way to much
    I need to speak to someone. I live in St.Petersburg.. please someone contact me..

  79. We need help asap. We are at a nursing home and this demon/ spirit(s) has killed three stable people in a year or less and in three weeks could potentially start in on another. It seems to be in a specific room and nearly every care provider here has experienced it. Please send help.

  80. My sister is hearing demonic voices she tells us everything that they are saying we are trying to schedule a exorcism ASAP we are in Richmond Virginia USA

  81. My home is inundated with demons my husbands activities have attracted. They attack me and my dog. I need an exorcist in West Texas. Please help! He refuses to turn to God. Have had countless attacks and they seem to be getting worse.

  82. Hello
    I live in Queens, New York, I need help badly! I feel like I’m getting possessed by something demonic. I see it moving around my house too. I’m not catholic but need a priest! Please if anyone can provide a contact number to a priest who can help. I’m living in fear! Thank you!

  83. Hi
    my name is ERIC i live in Manchester i really need exorcist priest to help my partner. she is possessed by evil demons. a i have all the proof. please help us.

  84. My name is Monica Castillo
    I’m a mom desperate I am looking for an exorcist
    I live in Murrieta Ca
    Help me please

  85. I am a man from denmark having a real strong demon inside and on top of me. I fight it weaker but it won´t let go, pls help me, i need to find one close to Denmark. Blessings.

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