How to recognize the action of the evil spirit? Do I need an exorcist?

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If you are not sure whether you or any of your neighbours is experiencing an evil spirit’s work, it is best to share your doubts with your parish priest, e.g. during confession. You can also try an initial check by yourself. How?

First of all, carefully read these articles:

Causes of tormenting, enslavement and possession – We recommend that you get to know this list well, since some of the items might seem to be unconnected with occultism (e.g. some “healing” methods).

The symptoms of the evil spirit’s work – This article will help you recognize the symptoms which might accompany the evil spirit’s work.

If you are more and more convinced that you are dealing with the devils work, try to establish the degree of influence of evil. The Degrees of demonic torment article will help you with that. Te knowledge gained from those articles will be very helpful to you and will make recognition during confession or a visit to an exorcist priest easier.


What next?

1. Conversion. First of all: accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior! You cannot be afraid or give up on your conversion. Confession and the Eucharist is very important – they are sacraments which bring you closer to God and weaken the influence of the evil spirit. Exorcists recommend using these sacraments regularly, also before prayers for delivery. Conversion is the first step in fighting the influence of evil and confessing your sins in the sacrament of penance is its foundation.

2. Prayer and fasting. Renew your baptismal promise. Pray with simple exorcisms. Do not be afraid of penitential pratcices, including fasting.

More suggestions regarding conversion and prayer can be found in the „First aid” articles: Helping yourself and Helping others.


Prayer for delivery and exorcism

Mass for delivery. In every city there are Masses with an additional service with prayers for delivery from demonic tormenting. Also, some communities, like the Catholic Charismatic Renewal hold such prayers.

Exorcist priest. In justified need make an appointment with an exorcist for a more detailed analysis. Approach that without fear. If needed, the exorcist will start prayer for delivery or an exorcism.

Warning! When seeking an exorcist, avoid false, lay exorcists, who are in plenty. Do not let advertisements in the Internet and the papers fool you. You will pay a fortune for such “services” and your spiritual situation will surely not improve. Seek help only in the Church! A blessing from an exorcist priest does not cost ANYTHING!

Do not treat exorcist priests as magi or shamans. Remember, that the exorcism must be accompanied by conversion. After driving out of the evil spirit you should go back to God and renounce sin and satan. Without that, you leave your heart’s door open for the devil.

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