Spiritism, invoking spirits

Spiritism, invoking spirits - a testimony

Everybody, who has invoked spirits at least once in his life is exposed to the risk of their interference in his life later. I did it only once, being 17. Together with friends we wanted to „play the game” of invoking the spirits. We sat at the table and caught our hands each other in a specific way. Everybody one after one was invoking the spirit of a famous writer. None supposed that the one to appear can be just satan, not the spirit of the dead… and that we were committing a grave sin.  Everybody recited the occultist formula invoking the soul of the dead person, but disappointedly nothing happened. We were to give up that ”séance”, but I insisted that the spirit has to come. I invoked him several times and asked for a sign. I believed he’s going to listen to me….

Séances, magic, astrology

Séances, magic, astrology - a testimony

My name’s Marlena, I’m 29. I was brought up in a family, where nobody believed in the Holy Sacraments and the sacerdotal ministry. My parents had no church wedding. In school, since elementary school until high school, I disesteemed religion teachers, I was taunting them and interrupting in the lessons. I believed in God but in my way, on my conditions; when I prayed, God was listening to my pleas. About the Bible, I read it and interpreted it arbitrarily. I affied, I was so ”strong” in the Lord that nothing can do me any harm. I met people engaged in spiritism, magic etc, I took part in a séance… nothing can happen to ME, I thought.