The power of exorcism – testimony

The power of exorcism: testimony

Blessed be Jesus Christ!

First I’d like to thank those, who run this website. After all among others you also persuaded me to visit an exorcist. There is no such person in my town, so my friends made a great effort to help me to get to the exorcist in the Sanctuary of Our Lady in Częstochowa. After a conversation about my mast, my relationship with the Satanists and participation in their rituals, fr. Tadeusz set off to pray over me. Prior to my visit he had asked my friend who came with me to Częstochowa to join us in that second stage of our meeting.

Spiritism, invoking spirits

Spiritism, invoking spirits - a testimony

Everybody, who has invoked spirits at least once in his life is exposed to the risk of their interference in his life later. I did it only once, being 17. Together with friends we wanted to „play the game” of invoking the spirits. We sat at the table and caught our hands each other in a specific way. Everybody one after one was invoking the spirit of a famous writer. None supposed that the one to appear can be just satan, not the spirit of the dead… and that we were committing a grave sin.  Everybody recited the occultist formula invoking the soul of the dead person, but disappointedly nothing happened. We were to give up that ”séance”, but I insisted that the spirit has to come. I invoked him several times and asked for a sign. I believed he’s going to listen to me….

Reiki, bioenergotherapy, fortune-telling

Reiki, bioenergotherapy, fortune-telling - a testimony

Well, it is hard to describe all what has happened for last three years in short words, so I am going to begin with the most clamant. For several months we had been living under the same roof with a bioenergotherapist, a reiki guy. He was giving us various treatments: for me, to ease my pain, and as for my husband, that guy claimed, he needed to return back to his childhood and then correct some issues, which have effects in his adult life. Well, I thought, perhaps that would do, he’d correct everything, straighten our paths, we’d start living like humans. But our joy was short-lived, an open conflict with the reiki-bioenergotherapeutist broke out.

Satanism, satanic music

Satanism, satanic music - testimony

I’m 24. I stopped believing in God in elementary school. My parents weren’t much concerned about faith, my father was an atheist. I tried to live conscionably and in line with my own vision of good. In the high school I came across light version of satanism. I started to listen to satanic music. In the beginning it looked like an innocent entertainment, a subculture, but with the passing of time I was getting more and more in. I got fascinated with evil, began to practice meditations, trances, rituals. I got addicted. It lasted four years. Nightmares came, and they were regular, I withdrew from social life to escape into the world of dreams and internet.

Occultism, satanism, obsessional thoughts

Occultism, satanism, obsessional thoughts - a testimony

Two months ago I asked you for help finding an exorcist. You put me in touch with Fr. Michał. I went to him as if I were convinced, but I wasn’t really. He turned out to be really a brilliant priest. During first two visits we concentrated on talk rather (a detailed description of my ”achievements”) as well as on the preparation to the exorcism and to the Confession.

The secular exorcists

The secular exorcists - a testimony

Dearly beloved brothers and sisters.

I fell victim of secular exorcist named Wanda Pr*** (a Pole, who sells her exorcisms at a distance all over the world). I did, and many, many other people did as well. I trusted a person who preying lack of exorcists in our country made a great fortune at the cost of here clients. I entrusted to her care myself, my brother, my mom and daddy, my grandma and my partner. God must have prevented me from entrusting my daughter, perhaps because she’s not baptized yet.

The occult science, fortune tellers, amulets

The occult science, fortune tellers, amulets - a testimony

I accidetally found your website and made my mind to write to you. Perhaps my testimony will make others aware of the spiritual struggle and of the dangers of fortune telling. I was born to a catholic family, but not fervent one. I didn’t go to the church on a regular basis. I tried to attend the Sunday Holy Masses, but I did it more because of some spiritual need, I felt more and more rarely. Since early childhood I felt also an inclination to extrasensory world. I was reading magazines and books about the occult and they inspired me.

Séances, magic, astrology

Séances, magic, astrology - a testimony

My name’s Marlena, I’m 29. I was brought up in a family, where nobody believed in the Holy Sacraments and the sacerdotal ministry. My parents had no church wedding. In school, since elementary school until high school, I disesteemed religion teachers, I was taunting them and interrupting in the lessons. I believed in God but in my way, on my conditions; when I prayed, God was listening to my pleas. About the Bible, I read it and interpreted it arbitrarily. I affied, I was so ”strong” in the Lord that nothing can do me any harm. I met people engaged in spiritism, magic etc, I took part in a séance… nothing can happen to ME, I thought.