Occultism, satanism, obsessional thoughts

Occultism, satanism, obsessional thoughts - a testimony

Two months ago I asked you for help finding an exorcist. You put me in touch with Fr. Michał. I went to him as if I were convinced, but I wasn’t really. He turned out to be really a brilliant priest. During first two visits we concentrated on talk rather (a detailed description of my ”achievements”) as well as on the preparation to the exorcism and to the Confession.

First aid – helping others

First aid - helping others

If you have contact with a person tormented by an evil spirit, offer to help them in approaching confession. It is the first and most important step towards conversion and stopping demonic influences.

An awareness of sin – the condition for the validity of a confession – is essential. Personal evil should be viewed with realism, reasons, symptoms and the degree of the evil’s actions should be investigated. Next, one should voluntarily renounce sin and confess it during Confession.  

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Symptoms of an evil spirits action

How to recognise en evil spirits action?

Symptoms of demonic interference may appear on various surfaces and be characterized by various scales of intensity, apply to people, animals, places and objects. An exorcist priest’s task is to recognise the scope of the evil spirit’s action in a given case. His evaluation is usually conducted after medical examinations in order to exclude, e.g. mental disorders or a natural genesis of the phenomena.

Course of the exorcism

Course of the exorcism

The sacramental of exorcism is conducted according to the recommendations of the Roman Ritual. Exorcisms take place in a place of solitude, e.g. a chapel or a suitable room, usually with a visible image of the Crucified Christ, Holy Virgin Mary, angels. Apart from the priest, other priests and lay faithful, whose task is praying for the tormented person and helping if necessary, can participate in the exorcism. They cannot say any of the exorcism’s formulas.