First aid – helping others

If you have contact with a person tormented by an evil spirit, offer to help them in approaching confession. It is the first and most important step towards conversion and stopping demonic influences.

An awareness of sin – the condition for the validity of a confession – is essential. Personal evil should be viewed with realism, reasons, symptoms and the degree of the evil’s actions should be investigated. Next, one should voluntarily renounce sin and confess it during Confession.  

Possible difficulties

In the case of enslavements and possessions the tormented person feels an internal spiritual tear combined with the inability of a voluntary conversion. Satan, fearing exorcism, strives to paralyse the person spiritually. However, it is still important to prepare the possessed at least in a minimal degree, before meeting with the exorcist priest. An encounter with the sacred will cause aversion in a possessed person, e.g. a feeling of burning, screaming, a temporary loss of speech and stiffening of the body. Sometimes satanic symbols might appear on the body, a materialisation of items which the possessed spits out might occur. In every situation, after a demonic manifestation, prayer should be started. Exorcisms must never be conducted by yourself. Sacramentals available for lay faithfuls can be used, such as:

An environment of faith

Together with other family members and friends of the possessed person, try to create an environment of live faith. However, do not force the person to attend Mass, receive sacraments and partake in prayer – an enslaved person cannot feel trapped, sacrilege must also not be allowed. Your should rather give a testimony of your own faith and pray for the person with a rosary and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, offer Communion and confession in their intention. Show the enslaved person understanding and acceptance, give them hope for getting out of a difficult spiritual situation. True Christian love cannot be lacking – it must be remembered that Christ’s Love condemns sin, but never the person. Space in which the possessed person will feel comfortable and at ease must be created at their home. Limitations should not lead to hindering of personal freedom.

Accompanying an enslaved or possessed person

Stay in constant touch with an exorcist priest – the exorcism is a basis for freeing. In that time, the possessed person should limit their contacts with the external world, with people that might pose a potential threat (sect members, dangerous “friends”) and strangers, whose intentions might be of questionable value. Television programmes soaked with evil, aggression, eroticism, occultism should be avoided (as well as computer programs, magazines, internet websites). Attention should be drawn towards neutral or, possibly, religious programmes (if they do not cause aggression on the part of the possessed person).

Do not leave the possessed person at home by themselves, doors to various rooms should not be lockable. The toilet is an important place, due to the fact that it is usually equipped with a lock and allows the person to be there by themselves. Remove potentially dangerous items from the possessed person’s toilet and bedroom – razors, ropes, cords, scissors, glass objects which might be used for self-mutilation.

The nighttime

Undertake the strain of nightly watches, divided among several people. At night, just as during the day, the possessed person must not be left at home by themselves. Night watches should take place in the room adjacent to the tormented person’s bedroom. During that time, the watchman pays attention to all noises, which might be caused by a manifestation of an evil spirit. Should they happen, prayer for delivery should be started instantly, to return internal peace to the enslaved person and enable them to sleep. At 3 AM it is good to say the Chaplet of Divine Mercy and the Litany of the Most Precious Blood of Jesus. Before their rest, the enslaved person should accept a blessing from a priest or a lay person. Before awaking, the evil spirit might induce the possessed person into a state of coma or semi-consciousness. Should that happen, a prayer for awakening should be directed to Jesus.

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