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  1. Information on what an exorcism is and who conducts it can be found in the “Exorcism and exorcist” section.
  2. Don’t know how to recognize an evil spirit’s action? Do you need an exorcist? Are you looking for help? – Read this article.
  3. Looking for help through the internet, it is easy to stumble across websites of lay “esorcists”. We warn you against their criminal activities! More in the “False exorcists” article.

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Who are we?

Welcome to the Helpers of the Queen of the Rosary Foundation’s website! Since 2002 we have been dealing with the problems of exorcisms in the Catholic Church. We run the Polish website. It is the largest site on this subject in Poland, with over 3.000.000 visitors. We remain in cooperation with several Catholic priests, including … Read more