The secular exorcists

The secular exorcists - a testimony

Dearly beloved brothers and sisters.

I fell victim of secular exorcist named Wanda Pr*** (a Pole, who sells her exorcisms at a distance all over the world). I did, and many, many other people did as well. I trusted a person who preying lack of exorcists in our country made a great fortune at the cost of here clients. I entrusted to her care myself, my brother, my mom and daddy, my grandma and my partner. God must have prevented me from entrusting my daughter, perhaps because she’s not baptized yet. 

Appointment of exorcists in the Catholic Church

Appointment of exorcists in the Catholic Church

Initially, exorcising was a matter of individual charisma and many practiced it without ordinations. A formal appointment of exorcists is mentioned for the first time in the letter from Pope Cornelius (251-253) to Fabius, the bishop of Antioch. The first mention of an exorcist’s statute in the East can be found in the documents of the synod of Laodycea (ca. 360 A.D.). The matter of the first ordinations of exorcists was touched upon by the synod of Carthage (398 A.D.).