Spiritism, invoking spirits

A testimony that shows what a danger comes from invoking spirits and dedicating to spiritism.

Everybody, who has invoked spirits at least once in his life is exposed to the risk of their interference in his life later. I did it only once, being 17. Together with friends we wanted to „play the game” of invoking the spirits. We sat at the table and caught our hands each other in a specific way. Everybody one after one was invoking the spirit of a famous writer. None supposed that the one to appear can be just satan, not the spirit of the dead… and that we were committing a grave sin.  Everybody recited the occultist formula invoking the soul of the dead person, but disappointedly nothing happened. We were to give up that ”séance”, but I insisted that the spirit has to come. I invoked him several times and asked for a sign. I believed he’s going to listen to me….

And he did. Suddenly, with all windows closed, the curtains moved one way, then another. All of them were thrilled and scared, I alone was „brave” and „proud” of my „power.” Friends were asking me to call that spirit away, to make him leave us. So I turned to the spirit with an order to leave that place. Silence reigned over the room and the curtains stood still. All of them were scared and I laughed at them feeling so proud. It was my sign that ordered the spirit to appear and disappear.

Then I very quickly left the Catholic Church, gave up confessing, attending the Holy Mass… More than that, with the passing time I began to fight with the Catholic religion. I left the Church as if by myself, but the séance was the true reason. All spiritists are enemies of the Catholic Church, and I jointed them… There were many turns and crises in my life. But when, after many years, I wanted to convert, I experienced diabolic oppressions… terrible nightmares every night, I got some transnormal abilities. And quite often I had headache.

In spite of my conversion and sacramental life the nightmares and headaches tortured me all the time… I realized that the exorcist ministry would be indispensable. Father confessor had warned me before, that the evil spirit can be the cause of my nightmares and headache. I don’t have to add that at every thought of the exorcist the evil did all he could to prevent me from getting to him. I was salting it away as long as possible, I was persuading my family that it was already O.K., that I needed no exorcist… Finally I gave up, just because I was getting worse, I was afraid even of falling asleep.

Before the liberation prayer the priest interrogated me about the causes and explained, that the practice of invoking the spirits is very dangerous and actually it may cause nightmares, headaches and belly aches. And that even a single séance, many years ago, was enought for satan to oppress the human until the end of his days and that breaking with the Church is in such cases nearly inevitable. After a long prayer I felt better, but the priest arranged next visit. Sometimes a single one is not enough and the priest has to check out, what is going on, is it getting better, has the evil spirit left already. I felt a significant improvement immediately, the headache subsided! The nightmares got less oppressive, I am not so afraid of them because they are not so destructive, now I can sleep calmly and I wake up well-rested.

I am happy with the result of the prayer the exorcist recited over me. I feel much better in every respect, I feel that the evil spirit has left me, although he still threatens me in my dreams. But that doesn’t affect me so much. I still have to meet the priest once more. He has to discern if I am completely free from the activity of the evil, or will I need more liberation prayers. Much depends on me, if I will pray, if I will confess regularily and receive the Holy Communion, because the evil spirit can return to the man if he neglects his religious life and gets into grave sins. But I am happy for I can feel a great power of liberation prayer and I thank God for the exorcists. They are great priests, so faithful, so brave and so dedicated to the neighbor in need. May God bless them!  If you have experienced something similar, don’t delay, go to the exorcist, because the evil spirit won’t leave on his own accord. If you have already let him into your life, he will seek to stay.

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