Stone circles, autohypnosis

A testimony showing the danger in paying visits to secret places and trying autohypnosis as well.

I would like to warn you. Last July I visited with my family some place in Poland. I won’t give its name for nobody even thinks about carrying out similar experiments. Someday we set out to a local “archeological attraction”, stone circles well known throughout all of Europe.

We were strolling; I was walking around the circle for fun etc. That night I couldn’t fall asleep. In order to make sleep easier I wanted to slack my muscles. I felt tempted to try autohypnosis – for the first time in my life. And then it has begun. At first all the muscles instead of slacking started to stiffen. My entire body tightened as a board and humped. My head started to hit the bolster repeatedly. I felt icy chill, my hair raised. I started to suffocate. A black abyss in front of my eyes was drawing me in. I heard voices talking to me “come to us”; a thought that somebody wants to take my soul away was tormenting me. With eyes fixed on one point in the corner of the ceiling I started to suffocate. I was terrified, I began to recite the rosary and it made me get through to get away of that condition. I turned the light on. In the place on the ceiling, I had been looking at; a huge, monstrous insect was sitting.

I ran next door, where my pregnant wife with one and half year old child were sleeping. My wife is a physician. We checked my pulse; it had around 200 beats per minute. I recounted her everything and that night we slept together. And it started again. Terrible paroxysms made me grimace, stretched tongue bobbed out off my mouth. When I looked at a round mirror, it was getting rotating and magnetizing me. Outside the window I could see a black shape of supernatural size. I started to recite rosary again and at last I managed to fall asleep.

The black figure kept to visit me by night for a long time after. Mirrors with that black shape or my face terrible grimaced instead of an ordinary reflection appeared in my dreams. At one time, when I was looking at the mirror at night, my own sight mesmerized me and transfixed me, I couldn’t move. I was afraid of rooms with mirrors. Then for a whole month I attended the Holy Mass every day, which I had never did before (I mean not on a daily basis). I confessed the whole thing only after the Advent retreat and thanks God it faded away, but even now as I am writing about it, I am still feeling an icy thrill. I have heard that only an intercessory prayer can help in such cases but I hope it never comes back. That incident, the most terrible one in my life made me revalue some ideas.

Do not even touch the unknown! It is really dangerous.

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