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A testimony that shows how fortune tellers are able to mess up in our lifes if we solicite for help from them.

I accidentally found your website and made my mind to write to you. Perhaps my testimony will make others aware of the spiritual struggle and of the dangers of fortune telling.

I was born to a catholic family, but not fervent one. I didn’t go to the church on a regular basis. I tried to attend the Sunday Holy Masses, but I did it more because of some spiritual need, I felt more and more rarely. Since early childhood I felt also an inclination to extrasensory world. I was reading magazines and books about the occult and they inspired me.

I was reading the Holy Scripture as well, and I prayed, but this was not enough for me. I was looking for God and I believed that if all this world belonged to Him, prediction of future or talking about the energies from the Universe couldn’t be sins. Years passed and I couldn’t find my place in this life. I felt very unhappy and lonely. More and more frequently I read in magazines about fortune tellers who predicted splendid and fortunate lifes that really came true.

I made my mind and decided to go abroad. Before I did, I had called several fortune tellers to see if I decided right. One of her predicted my death in an accident. I was frightened, so I bought some amulet supposed to protect me from evil. I forgot about that amulet and left it. I really can’t explain how it happened. Anyway it got into my brother’s hand, several months later he was killed in a car crash.

I do not want to link that crash with my experiences with fortune telling. Deep in my soul I heard voice telling me that it must have been so. The stay abroad was very difficult for me. Loneliness. There I also got down to going to fortune tellers, as I always used, when I lost a beloved man, when a friend left me. I was falling into despair and helplessness. I needed to talk to somebody about my sore and get some comfort. The fortune tellers were giving me that.

I didn’t stop praying and I knew, I should have give up with fortune telling. And so four years of my life abroad had passed. Being 32 I prayed zealously for a good husband and I really met somebody. Unfortunately he left me two months later for another woman. That was a heavy blow for me. I found myself completely helpless again. I was lying in bed, my soul hurt and something made me call to fortune tellers again. Sometimes I called several of them a day. I was falling short of money, anxiety came. My body began to shiver in strange convulsions. I felt cold. Several times I was forced to visit the hospital at night, yet the physicians weren’t able to diagnose me. All findings proved that I was healthy. Then nightmares came. Some vampires were attacking me. I was screaming. I heard a voice of a man, who was whispering my name at night.

I was hearing two inner voices at that time. One of them was encouraging me to pray insistently, the another one kept inducing me to fortune telling. I spent a month at home. I was squirming in despair. I set out even to practice the acupuncture. Admittedly in the beginning I felt some better, but then it turn worse than before. I was burning candles and praying ceaselessly. The struggle was severe. And finally one day I woke up smiling. I opened my window. Several weeks later I changed the job and met a man. He was a practicing Catholic, he led me back to God. It was still difficult because sometimes I felt bad in the church. But the Confession gave me a plenty of joy, I had never felt happier and more calmed than then. Yet it was a long and difficult way.

He explained me, what had happened, but even then I didn’t understand. I believed, I just went down with some odd disease. The struggle was not over. It still continues. Though it is no more about fortune telling.

Later I had some temptations of backslide, but I was rejecting them at once. I suppose the evil ghost tries to find other way to me. I met a guy left by a girlfiend. He was very heartsick and he set out to hypnotherapy. I fell in love with him and I was able to do anything. When we were together, he was persuading me that I had emotional problems and that I should have begun the seances with him. I have to admit that I was very tempted to do. I was just a step away from. And that guy left me as well. I suffered.

But I told myself that I’ll turn to Jesus with each problem. He is my friend and here is my strength. I shared this story with many people but they listened to me with tongue in cheek.

I know what real despair is. I feel that the evil wants me very much to leave God and that he attacks me frequently. The more he attacks, the more intensively I try to find a way to get in touch with that Supreme Power. It is not easy but I gradually mature spiritually. I learn how to distinguish the good and the bad.

I suppose that satan knows very well where should he hit to find us weak. I was always very sensitive girl. I get attached to people quite quickly. If a man left me, it was a tragedy of my soul.

Today, well, I have serious financial problems, no job, no family close to me and the one I loved, has left. But I know, that God is my best friend, who leads me and who trusts that I can get through to overcome another obstacle in my life.

The most lovely story of life is the account of the friendship between a human and God, about experience of the struggle to stay the course.

And that’s my story.


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