The kinds and levels of diabolic tormenting

Several kinds and intermediate levels of demonic interference can be distinguished, ranging from temptation to possession.

Ordinary action is, according to the Roman Ritual:

1. Temptation – the evil spirit tries to get man further from God through bringing him on the path of sin. This happens through temptation. All people undergo such action, Jesus suffered from temptations as well. Herein flows the necessity of watching, prayer and avoiding occasions of sin, as well as undertaking a spiritual struggle.

Extraordinary action is:

2. Devilish tormenting, harassment (vessazione) is the acting of a demon upon a person through sufferings on the level of physical health, personal and professional life, and complications in material matters.

3. Devilish obsessions (obssessione) – disorders in behaviour reflected in a lack of spiritual, mental and emotional balance, resulting from satanic attacks. The evil spirit causes such internal agonies, that will spiritually paralyse the human being. They might manifest in obsessive thoughts, nightmares, suicidal tendencies, self-mutilation, etc.

4. Devilish visiting, oppressions (infestazione) – an action manifesting in places or items, e.g. harassment as a result of occult practices, touching places where they took place and objects used for them (magical tools, amulets, etc.). It also applies to charming or cursing items, homes and animals. They are various forms of external satanic harassment, e.g. unexplainable phenomena, noises, moving of objects, sounds of unknown origin.

5. Devilish possession (possesione) – the entering of an evil spirit into a human being and taking control of their body. In some circumstances (e.g. when confronting the sacred) the devil manifests his presence through aggressive gestures, vulgarity, profanity. It might be a result of, e.g., a satanic pact (a wilful surrendering to the service of the devil), thorugh lasting in sin, through the casting of curses, charms, etc.


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2 thoughts on “The kinds and levels of diabolic tormenting”

  1. How about being followed by a black demon?
    I see it anytime whether Im on drugs or not!
    People have seen it around me too, as well as staring at me!
    i self mutilate, i overdose constantly (i see black pools in my outerbody experiences)
    The demon walks into bldgs (including churches) i visit.
    Do i Need an exorcism?


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