How to recognize an evil spirit action? Do I need an exorcist?

If you are not sure whether you or any of your neighbours is experiencing an evil spirit’s work, it is best to share your doubts with your parish priest, e.g. during confession. You can also try an initial check by yourself. How?

First of all, carefully read these articles:

Causes of tormenting, enslavement and possession – We recommend that you get to know this list well, since some of the items might seem to be unconnected with occultism (e.g. some “healing” methods).

The symptoms of the evil spirit’s work – This article will help you recognize the symptoms which might accompany the evil spirit’s work.

If you are more and more convinced that you are dealing with the devils work, try to establish the degree of influence of evil. The Degrees of demonic torment article will help you with that. The knowledge gained from those articles will be very helpful to you and will make recognition during confession or a visit to an exorcist priest easier.

What next?

1. Conversion. First of all: accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior! You cannot be afraid or give up on your conversion. Confession and the Eucharist is very important – they are sacraments which bring you closer to God and weaken the influence of the evil spirit. Exorcists recommend using these sacraments regularly, also before prayers for delivery. Conversion is the first step in fighting the influence of evil and confessing your sins in the sacrament of penance is its foundation.

2. Prayer and fasting. Renew your baptismal promise. Pray with simple exorcisms. Do not be afraid of penitential pratcices, including fasting.

More suggestions regarding conversion and prayer can be found in the „First aid” articles: Helping yourself and Helping others.

Prayer for delivery and exorcism

Mass for delivery. In every city there are Masses with an additional service with prayers for delivery from demonic tormenting. Also, some communities, like the Catholic Charismatic Renewal hold such prayers.

Exorcist priest. In justified need make an appointment with an exorcist for a more detailed analysis. Approach that without fear. If needed, the exorcist will start prayer for delivery or an exorcism.

Warning! When seeking an exorcist, avoid false, lay exorcists, who are in plenty. Do not let advertisements in the Internet and the papers fool you. You will pay a fortune for such “services” and your spiritual situation will surely not improve. Seek help only in the Church! A blessing from an exorcist priest does not cost ANYTHING!

Do not treat exorcist priests as magi or shamans. Remember, that the exorcism must be accompanied by conversion. After driving out of the evil spirit you should go back to God and renounce sin and satan. Without that, you leave your heart’s door open for the devil.

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32 thoughts on “How to recognize an evil spirit action? Do I need an exorcist?”

  1. Hi my name is Silvia. i currently reside in CA. I’ve been dealing w/spiritual warfare for going on 2 years now. i could REALLY use some help, advice, or anything that could be useful to rid of this. i welcome any comments/suggestions. it would be greatly appreciated. thank you and GOD bless.

    • I have been dealing with spirits for a decade and it has not been easy as I have been under manipulation and have also been hurt by a certain spirit to say the least. The worst part is it sounds crazy and my world has become very depressing due to all this that i have been feeling no choices in life. I feel trapped. I can only say to you get help as soon as possible. Dont wait. Seek church quick and keep distracted and busy in your life. Move!!!!!

  2. Hi IA m from miami fl and I have my little cousin who is possesed by an evil spirit. Where can I find an exorcist here?

  3. Hello I live in Crawfordville Florida, I’m unsure where to go, but I’ve been followed since I was a child after I used a Ouija board trying to summon my grandmother who died before I was born, then I had many encounters, I have pictures and others have asked me if I hear the stuff they do, which of course I do, Dr tried to say I’m bipolar, I fail to believe that, I have episodes of what I feel to be possession, but here they label that as crazy and put you on more meds, I really need help,it wants me to commit suicide, and I really don’t want to, but I’m afraid it’s winning, please I beg you to help me figure out how to save what’s left of me before my husband ends up raising our kids alone,

    • Hi Melinda. The ouija board is very dangerous kind of spiritism. You should: go for confession then 2. call and ask for exorcist in your diocese: 727-344-1611

  4. Suffering with spiritual warfare. It’s taking it’s toll on me,physically,mentally, and emotionally. I am a CNA in a facility that houses alzheimers residents. In bad need of a priest who REALLY believes and can help. I blessed myself with holy water from Lourdes and blessed oil and went to work. Upon entering a room, this resident told my nurse to help her. She said “I want her (me) out of here and don’t lether come back” when asked why she stated that I am mean and probably have never toradenice to anyone in my entire life! This shocked my nurse as well as myself. We left her room and I ended up going home because I am dealing with gastrointestional issues but approx. 1hr after leaving her room, I felt like I needed to vomit and I felt a sense of suffocation. On my way home,I stopped at the golden pantry to pick up some gatorade etc. I almost died when my total ended up 6.66! Since this year has started, I have had bad sinus issues,pnuemonia, terrible leg issues, gastrointestional ect. We hear a man walking around, walkers being moved,doors shut and open and the residents all sleeping. I am at my wits end! As sad as it is I do not feel comfortable with our parish priest. I feel fairly sure I would be laughed off. I need someone close to Athens,Ga.

  5. My daughter had an abortion and she told me something was changing her. She began to go against the church and God. She also hear voices. She has said and done so much it is scary. She lives in Birmingham Al. Who can I contact about an exorcism in this area. Please help me.

  6. Hey, My name is Jessica. I’ve looked over your article. I’m not sure were to start. First of all I do believe that myself and my fiancé, seems to have a dark spirit that is always around. It seems to be attacking my fiancé while he is sleeping. There is much more going on and will explain more as needed. I’m now starting to be more concerned about the safety of us and the children in our home. Please help me!

  7. I live in Phila, Pa and have bad entity living in our middle bedroom. I want it out We are getting more terrified of it everyday. Even tho the primary source is the middle room we have movement and happenings all throughout the house. It gets incrdibly angry when we smudge the house.
    I don’t feel comfortable with our parish. Who can we turn too? Please. Help us

  8. Hello I need a Exorcist Priest in London. Any help? I have called the Westminster Dioceses and they didn’t help. This is really urgent.

  9. Hello my name is Rosie, I have a 13 year old son that has been going through severe depression with thoughts of suicide after meeting a young boy that lead him in the wrong path I beg for anyone that can help or lead me in the direction I need to go to get help for my boy.. We live in Dalton GA.

  10. I used to “feel spirits,” and my still do. Sometimes it felt as if they were angry. I would say something to them. Both to make myself feel stronger and to make them leave. I have done this off and on for a very long time. I have told a few people about it. I think I bragged about it in the past. I told my sister about it last year when staying with her and she said that it’s very dangerous. I have thought about it and realize I’ve had some negative circumstances follow me throughout my life and believe there is a connection. I accept Jesus Christ as my lord and savior. I ask for his strength and protection. Still, I feel bad spirits near me. I have lost my family and cannot get positive results from life. I am not ever giving up and keep faith but can clearly see something or someone in the way. It sounds crazy. I would be willing to accept any result – that I’m misguided, that I don’t work hard enough, that I need a new approach… I’ve tried many things but there is something here. Someone. More than one. I challenged them and they’re with me. I found this site after I said a prayer and gave my soul to god. Jesus. Asked him to be with me. There are thumps, like someone hitting the floor above me and things being dropped. There are no rooms above me though and no way for anyone to be there. I am strong and am fine with a fight. But this has gone on for years. All of my loving and kindness seems to be a waste of energy or a call out to evil. I need serious help in this regard.

  11. Hi. My name is Julian. I am from Denmark. Dealing with 13 year of a Succubus possesion. I need help to get her excorcised for good, i try to find god everyday, but it´s useless when she is so strong. I need an excorcism, any idea to how to contact a good excorcist living close to my country?

    Blessings from Denmark


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