How to find an exorcist priest

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Some dioceses in the world do not have appointed exorcists, but every diocese has its bishop. He can conduct exorcisms or appoint a priest as an exorcist in his diocese. 


1. First step – confession

If you are a Catholic, ask your confessor during confession to examine the situation and advise you, whether a particular case needs an exorcism or a prayer for delivery. 

Confessing sins and recognizing an evil spirit’s influence might suffice to free a person from the devil.

Before confession remember about its five conditions. During the examination of conscience it is good to conduct a first analysis of the possible evil spirit’s influence.


2. Non-Catholics and non-Christians

If you have not been baptised in a Catholic church, or if you are not even Christian, you can still ask an exorcist priest for prayer for delivery or an exorcism. Jesus freed non-Jews from evil spirits, as did the apostles and first Christians. 


3. How to find an exorcist priest? 

  •  You can ask your confessor or your parish priest to help you get in touch with an exorcist. The parish priest should have information on appointed exorcists in the diocese.
  • You can call the episcopal curia and ask for a telephone number to an exorcist priest. The curia will always have up-to-date information on exorcists. 

4. Call an exorcist priest

Call an exorcist priest, tell him about your suspicions related to an evil spirits action, make an appointment for a meeting and prayer.


50 thoughts on “How to find an exorcist priest

  1. Everytime i pray the prayer protection against the bad eye i start to yawn and they say its a sign we dont have an excorsit what to do .pls help

  2. I am a non Christian. I live in Boston, MA, I have been suffering from symptoms of demonic possession for years. I am looking for help.

  3. My brother having sorcery problem. How can i find roman catholic priest in Calcutta-India or other parts of India?

    I am asking for exorcism priest to cure black magic or witchcraft sorcery salvation.

    Indranil Ganguly

  4. I need help cast demons out of me. They have said they are demons.I use to do EVP’s, thinking I could find my grandmother. I believe in Jesus and now worship him but they will not leave. San Antonio TX. My cell *** Call me anytime.

  5. Do you know a priest in London, Canada who is authorized to do exorcisms? My friend needs help, he has been experiencing a lot of situations to the point he got anxiety, fear, and depression. Thank you so much!

  6. Does anyone know if there is an exorcist in thibodaux,la. My husband needs a priest. Has been having this spiritual battle for 2 yrs. now

    • I think the are no exorcists. Bishop can perform exorcism but…………
      It is better solution to fin exorcist in Switzerland or Austria…

  7. Hi. What is the exorcism specialized place in France? Thanks. I don’t want to call the diocese, but I would know the service specialized in exorcism.
    Thanks again.

  8. Hi again, there is a very dangereous site, that says you can become an exorcist (it’s a paying cursus of course) [removed], the Catholic church should make a complaint against them, because on their site, everything is made for us to think they are from the catholic church (they call themselves “traditional catholic church”, and they say, because they is a lack of exorcist in the catholic church, you have to become an exorcist.
    Please, examine this site, it’s identity thief, and even if they add “traditional”, all their site is about making the confusion to scam people.
    Please, do something!

  9. Good morning, please I am in need of an exorcist, to cast out a demon of sexual immorality, called an incubo, who is living in me, and having sex with me 24/7. I feel what he does to me, in the physical planes. I feel this is astral projection of some demonic sort, into my body. he is also a trickster, who will send out other demons to be casted out, when I go for deliverance, while he remains inside me. He also uses faces of men I know now and in the past, in order to use them to have sex with me.

    He has often tormented me, that I dare not reveal his secret, about throwing out those demons, which he does to keep himself in me. please, I need help, it is a living hell with this problem. I live in Maryland, and have contacted the archdiocese of both Baltimore and Washington dc, but they said They don’t do exorcism’s. Please, I need help. Who can I get to help me?

  10. I need help. In the middle of the night, I wake up speaking in Tongue sounding like the Devil himself. My dog levitates off the bed and is being thrown around i am being touched and my limbs are being lifted in mid air.I sometimes where I cannot move and there is a precsense holding me down. I hear a mans laughter in the middle of the night. I am being grooped and being sexual assaulted. i need help please… i do not know what to do. I reside in the Woodlands, Texas, and i am so tired of having this battle with them. Who can I speak to abouth this??

    • Go to the nearest catholic church and talk about it with the priest so he can contact you with an exorcist in your area. What he can do is to make deliverance prayers on you. It helps to have holly water and and make special prayers in your house while you spray it around. Demons don’t want them to be “discovered” you have to be brave and stick to God but most importantly to have strong faith in Him. God bless you!

  11. Please help me!
    I live in Sweden near Stockholm and I know I am possessed. I need help as soon as possible and it is terrible! (I red a book “An exorcist tells his story” as a priest recommended.
    Do you know where to get help not so far from Sweden? Thank you!

  12. I need to find a priest that can perform a deliverance from oppression. I am not experiencing possession ( at least I seriously doubt that). I live in the Cleveland, Ohio Diocese.

  13. I am looking for an exorcist in Johannesburg South Africa. I am plagued by evil spirits who have sex with me using faces I am familiar with. Anything I do or touch does not prosper. People just dislike me like I have a smell that chases them away

  14. I need an exorcist for Tenino, Washington, my girlfriend is possesed by Duriel, Lord of Pain, one of the 7 original demons. Please give me the names and ways to contact, thank you

  15. Please help me I live in Tennessee and my boyfriend is possessed we have prayed over him and tried to cast it out but it won’t go please help

  16. Can someone point me in the right direction I’m looking for an exorcist Near the ky, tn n va state lines.Right in the corner of them thanks in advance

  17. I’m in need of an exorcist in my home &/or in my life or both & I live in west central MN. Who would I call for help?

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