How to find an exorcist priest

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Some dioceses in the world do not have appointed exorcists, but every diocese has its bishop. He can conduct exorcisms or appoint a priest as an exorcist in his diocese. 


1. First step – confession

If you are a Catholic, ask your confessor during confession to examine the situation and advise you, whether a particular case needs an exorcism or a prayer for delivery. 

Confessing sins and recognizing an evil spirit’s influence might suffice to free a person from the devil.

Before confession remember about its five conditions. During the examination of conscience it is good to conduct a first analysis of the possible evil spirit’s influence.


2. Non-Catholics and non-Christians

If you have not been baptised in a Catholic church, or if you are not even Christian, you can still ask an exorcist priest for prayer for delivery or an exorcism. Jesus freed non-Jews from evil spirits, as did the apostles and first Christians. 


3. How to find an exorcist priest? 

  •  You can ask your confessor or your parish priest to help you get in touch with an exorcist. The parish priest should have information on appointed exorcists in the diocese.
  • You can call the episcopal curia and ask for a telephone number to an exorcist priest. The curia will always have up-to-date information on exorcists. 

4. Call an exorcist priest

Call an exorcist priest, tell him about your suspicions related to an evil spirits action, make an appointment for a meeting and prayer.


21 thoughts on “How to find an exorcist priest

  1. Everytime i pray the prayer protection against the bad eye i start to yawn and they say its a sign we dont have an excorsit what to do .pls help

  2. I am a non Christian. I live in Boston, MA, I have been suffering from symptoms of demonic possession for years. I am looking for help.

  3. My brother having sorcery problem. How can i find roman catholic priest in Calcutta-India or other parts of India?

    I am asking for exorcism priest to cure black magic or witchcraft sorcery salvation.

    Indranil Ganguly

  4. I need help cast demons out of me. They have said they are demons.I use to do EVP’s, thinking I could find my grandmother. I believe in Jesus and now worship him but they will not leave. San Antonio TX. My cell *** Call me anytime.

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