First aid – helping yourself

If somewhere in your surroundings events similar to those described in the “Symptoms of an evil spirit’s action” section take place, follow the advice below.

First read the How to recognize the action of the evil spirit? Do I need an exorcist? article.

Do not fear anything

  • Do not fear Satan! But be prudent and maintain fear of God. Trust God, who has defeated Satan and has not left man defenceless without means for fighting evil. If the situation calls for it, ask an exorcist priest for help, consider a prayer for delivery.
  • Sacramentals – keep a crucifix at home; also as a medal: it might be a Saint Benedict Medal, Catherine Labouré’s Miraculous Medal. Always keep a blessed rosary at hand and use it for prayer. It is good to have the image of Saint Michael the Archangel, the Image of Divine Mercy, Holy Mary and saints (e.g. st. Faustina and fr Pio, who were tormented by Satan themselves) on you and by your bed. Let the picture remind you about the saints’ intercession and be the point of departure for devotion to God’s glory and the saints’ intercession.
  • Bless and use blessed water (you can get it in the church sacristy) and exorcised water. Bless your room, rosary, items connected with faith which will remind you about God’s presence. Have holy water at hand, cross yourself with it, bless yourself and others before going out, entrusting them to God’s protection, bless the places where you work, pray and rest. However, do not forget that blessed water is not a magical mixture and pictures and medals are not amulets. They should bring you closer to god and remind you of his power to save, the baptism, and your belonging to Jesus.
  • If you experience disturbing phenomena at home, ask a priest to bless all of it. Sometimes such situations require an exorcism conducted over that place or a blessing with exorcised salt, which you can get from any priest.

Pray and be watchful

  • Keep praying, turn to God in every moment of your life. This is most important – to pray and trust God. Pray the rosary, st. Maximilian Kolbe said that “the rosary is shooting at satan”. Renew your baptismal promise.
  • Simple exorcism – If you feel the presence of the evil spirit; in times of torment and temptation use the formula of “Go away, Satan, in the name of Jesus Christ and never come back” or “Through the sign of the cross, free us from our enemies, our God”. In such moments also pray to Virgin Mary, the enemy of the snake. Do not forget about prayer to your guardian angel, angels and Saint Michael the Archangel.
  • Which prayer? Pray to Saint Michael the Archangel in your own intention using a simple exorcism. If you are experiencing torment at night or evil, sacrilegious or improper thoughts about the sacred, pray with a special prayer for this occasion. If you suspect that you might be under the influence of a curse, spell, magic, etc. pray with a prayer against malefice. There is also a prayer against temptations attacking faith and purity.

Break off with sin

  • Give up what is evil – magic, fortunetelling, amulets, spells, divining, bioenergotherapy and other suspicious practices. They all open the door for Satan. You have to avoid them. If you possess items, books, amulets, etc. connected with such practices, get them out of the house and destroy them, so that they cannot be used and harm others. On the way to God they will only be a burden.
  • Do not delay confession! – If you are in the state of mortal sin, break off with it and go to confession. If you cannot use the sacrament at the moment, lovingly adore the Most Holy Sacrament.
  • Forgiveness – reconcile with your enemies, family and friends, forget all quarrels and misunderstandings. Forgive all the harm done to you and ask your neighbours to forgive you your sins as well. Remember the conditions for validity of a confession!

A lasting conversion

  • Eucharist – Try to attend Mass and receive the Eucharist more than once a week. Go to confession regularly. Many people have been freed from the devil’s torments thanks to their deep, trusting faith combined with frequent Eucharist, confession and adoration!
  • Read the Bible (especially the Gospels) and religious literature, e.g. father Pio and other saints, Saint Faustina’s Diary, Saint Theresa’s Story of a Soul.
  • Community – consider joining a prayer and formation community, also one which practices prayers for delivery and healing.
  • Penance. Do not fear penitential practices, including fasting on bread and water.

For everyday

We can all minimize Satan’s influence on ourselves and others in everyday life. The following bring great spiritual benefit:

  • Regular receiving of the sacraments with faith and piety.
  • Life in keeping with the Gospel and the Holy Scripture. Spiritual formation in a community.
  • Every humble and trustful prayer, as well as a simple exorcism and intercessory prayer for your neighbours.
  • Sacramentals and blessings (described above) used with faith are helpful in spiritual struggle.
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  1. What do you do when every time you try to seek help for demonic problems one faces blockage and mockery (from those I seek it from?). Was receiving help for several years but the exorcist discharged me and told me that he has done all that he can for me. Much better but there is a presence that is constantly burning me and physically oppress me. Facing blockages in finding job, problems in relationships and all sorts of crazy things are happening but whenever I try to get help, I am blocked by the enemy. How can I overcome this? Please help. I am in the UK


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