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We have just published our e-book: THE SUN OF SPIRITS – A short guide 
for the laity 
on how to accompany people suffering from the actions 
of evil spirits.

In this e-book you will find answers to most of your questions about spiritual warfare. You can download it freely from:
The Sun of spirits – ebook

Marek Wos
The Queen of the Holy Rosary

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Table of contents


How to contact an exorcist?

What to do when we suspect an influence of evil spirits?

What to do next?


Chapter 1: A short account of the actions of evil spirits

Evil spirits

Ways of spiritual enslavement.

Actions of evil spirits


What is temptation?

Features of diabolical temptations

How to deal with a diabolical temptation?

Spiritual washing in the Blood of the Lamb …

Diabolic oppression

How to deal with diabolic oppression?

Diabolic obsession

What is the diabolic obsession?

How to cope with diabolic obsessions?

Diabolic possession

Chapter 2: I wish to accompany you to help you

Symptoms of diabolical enslavement

Creation of evangelic environment

The environment of faith

Attitude of Christian hope

Love that endures all

The area of the Gospel

Care for the possessed person during the day

Isolation but not slavery

Guests and strangers knocking at the doors

Music and television

Correspondence (letters, e-mails)

Toilet under control

Life area

Accompanying the possessed one at night


Blessing before falling asleep

Night watch

The hour of evil

Waking up

Extraordinary situations

Inner spiritual visions

Physical changes in the body of the possessed

Materialized metal objects

Occult knowledge and inner voices

Physical assaults on accompanying people

Suicide attempts

Death rituals

Affected objects

During a meeting with an exorcist priest

On the way to the exorcist

At the exorcist’s place

Chapter 3: Spiritual means helpful to the accompanying people

Under Jesus’ banner

Holy Mary’s help in spiritual struggle

The role of Holy Sacraments

The role of Sacramentals

Willpower and the attitude of repentance

Chapter 4: Spiritual exercises for companions

Spiritual life program

Spiritual exhilaration

Work of love

What is it?

Internal bank of peace

How to find internal peace?

Mortification – time for release

The power of blessing

How and when to bless?

Spiritual reading of the Holy Scripture

Spiritual Holy Communion

How to accept spiritual communion?

Overcoming spiritual temptation

Return to Being Present

A familial spiritual talk

How should we conduct it?

Chapter 5: Prayer of a companion

Intercessory prayer

Prayer for internal freedom

What are the functions of faith and motivation during an individual prayer for freedom?

Private exorcism

How should we say a private exorcism?

When can we say a private exorcism?

Antiphon of day and night

Antiphon of day

Antiphon of night

Franciscan meditation

How can we meditate following this method? Preliminary prayer

Reading the Holy Scripture


Identifying with the scene

Evaluating your own life

Giving thanks

Setting your heart ablaze through thanking God for the truth about Himself and yourself

Praising God for His gifts

Submitting yourself to God

A plea for persevering in God’s grace

Contemplation of the Cross

Franciscan chaplet



Deliverance Prayer

Prayer to Holy Mary

Prayer to Saint Michael


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