Buddhism, autotherapy and New Age

A testimony showing a wrong path that is promoted by buddhism and New Age movements.

I got to know Fr. Adam seven years ago. At that time something strange had been happenning to me. I was a Buddhist at that time, I had intensively practiced Tibetan Buddhism (tantrism) and initiations since 1999. At the start it was quite innocent. As early as I can remember, I had depression and low self-esteem. It was not yet a clinical depression, it was just a beginning.

My upbringing was severe, my parents used to reach for a cable, belt or other ”penal” means quite often. I was going to the church because I perceived God as a judge, who is going to pass a sentence against me if I let Him down. So I was afraid not only of people, but of God as well. I loved Him, but not firmly enough. I realized it when the inner pain reached its critical point. When I was at the third year of my studies. I needed help and support and I really did. The psychologist disappointed me, other people didn’t understand me. Although I was a rationalist by birth, for the first time in my life a wish to try an alternative therapy emerged. The pain weakened my resistance against the irrational. So I went to a mesmerist, who found that I lacked inner peace due to low self-esteem. The mesmerist was a brain doctor who made use of acupuncture and hypnosis in his work. I trusted him and underwent the treatment. The result was slender but after a talk with him I believed, it is just the beginning of the route to the selfhealing.

I forgot about it for some time. I go sucked into the vortex of student’s life. But my inner pain didn’t soften, it rather intensified. In the end I even was afraid of going outside, meeting people was a torture for me. I was desperately looking for a way out off that crushing situation. And there, just as the touch of a magic wand, I got to know Marcin. He was 25 and had everything, I dreamed of. Composure, self-confidence, talkability and strong influence on others – these are his characteristics. He told me, he was used to meditate and he did not just by himself, but with a group of friends. „What for” – I asked him. – „In order to get rid of fears and inhibitions. Just try it, you don’t have to believe in my words, try and see” – He answered. I was outright enchanted. That way I came across Buddhism and a whole range of New Age practice. I meditated several hours a day, recited mantras during commuting, I sacrificed food to buddhist idols, I practiced dream yoga while sleeping and trained parapsychological abilities while talking to people and toying with their feelings. I learned quickly and stepped up the way of occultism fast. I started to feel some pleasant sensations, my brain was firing in all cylinders. I was receiving best notes with no difficulty, made friends, and the girls were excited about me. I enjoyed my life, I forgot late fears and anxieties. The world was so colourful and full of amusement, and I was full of beans. But something kept persecuting me. In spite of all that store of pleasant experience I felt emptiness in my heart.I left the Church and I made Jesus equal to other spiritual masters. I forgot about God. And not only that. I forgot about satan as well.

And then, some summer afternoon in 2001 a collapse took place. Some unknown power dominated me completely, pushing aside my will and consciousness. I was terrified, I wasn’t controlling not only my body, but even my brain. Farther back, when as a Buddhist (an occultist) I was approaching some catholic temple, profanities and anger resonated in my head. I accounted for it the fact that I still had not broken completely free with ”fossilized church and its teachings,” hence some karmic remains were still left. But the new experience was incomparable with anything else.

I felt wrath, anger, fear, physical (I felt as if somebody was tightening an invisible hand on my throat, as if he had placed my body in a claustral hoop) and mental pain and nobody could help me or even explain, what was happening with me. And there for the first time I heard that it can be an obsession, not an illness. And I heard it from a priest, which celebrated the Masses in the hospital chapel. As it turned out, earlier he had worked as a missionary in Africa. There he met people obsessed because of witchery. I didn’t believe, but I found no other option. So I trusted him, and he advised me to go to an exorcist when I’d leave the hospital. The exorcist was Fr. Adam.

I did not only felt any relief after first exorcism, my condition even worsened. Fr. Adam found that needed many visits more to reverse the evil, I had accepted. During next exorcisms satan manifested himself.I felt I was losing controll over my body. My mouth started to speak with an unknown voice that threw at Fr. Adam a real shower of abuse and called me a ”fool which will always be mine.” Years passing that evil ghost molesting me, started to weaken. Fr. Adam wasn’t refusing to help me, he kept praying for me, once he even encouraged me to give a testimony of the power of Jesus. I kept visiting him for exorcisms. It was getting better, very slowly though, little by little for whole years. I had engaged in something, I hadn’t fully understand. Thanks to Fr. Adam i give up with the reincarnation belief and all magic practice, which I had kept practicing even being sick and obsessed. I realized that God is the Power and the healing Love and behind occultism is just satan. Sometimes I called Fr. Adam every night, and he recited the exorcism – the whole one! – over me. Once he even drove 160 kms. to meet me and say the exorcism! Under his prayers I felt a surge of strength and spiritual as well as physical relief. Christian morality revived in me.

Fr. Adam has never refused to help me for all these years since 2001 until today, although many persons with many problems come to see him and he has right to be tired after all those visits. He is my personal spiritual director, his advise has prevented me from the mistake of returning to the life, I lived before. I pray for him and I am deeply thankful that God has sent me such expert and above all such patient priest. Now I live new life. I received Jesus as my Lord and Savior again, I receive the Communion not only on Sundays, but on weekdays as well. I gave myself to God several times during the Divine Mercy Sunday. I’m still on my way to God although now He is already in my heart, and I proclaim His infinite goodness as intensively, as I can. I know that withoup the help from such people as Fr. Adam I probably have died already. But the dark thoughts have dissolved and only the treasure of my life – God – is here. It’s just a sketch, a small part of what I have survived, but I believe that you, Dear Reader, are going to take advantage of my mistakes and sins without committing them. As a matter of fact only the Good and the evil exist, only God and satan. Only one of them provides you with unperishable hapiness and permanent Freedom. Your choice!

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