First aid – helping others

First aid - helping others

If you have contact with a person tormented by an evil spirit, offer to help them in approaching confession. It is the first and most important step towards conversion and stopping demonic influences.

An awareness of sin – the condition for the validity of a confession – is essential. Personal evil should be viewed with realism, reasons, symptoms and the degree of the evil’s actions should be investigated. Next, one should voluntarily renounce sin and confess it during Confession.  

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The scapulary – a gift from Mary

The Scapulary - a gift from Mary

The world “scapular” means in Lain a robe that covers the back and thorax. The Carmelite Scapulary consist of two rectangular pieces of brown cloth with the representation of Mary on one side and the Sacred Heart of Jesus on the other. They are connected by ribbons such a way that one part of the Scapular is worn on thorax and the other on the back. Scapular is worn also as a medal.