EFT & TFT methods and kinesiology

A testimomy showing the danger coming with the spread of EFT and TFT methods around the world.

I am going to describe the EFT method the best I can and to tell you, what I know about it and what impact, it had on me. I am convinced, it was a negative impact. Fortunately Emotional Freedom Techniques were last New Age (I think it should be reckoned as such) method, I took an interest in, and I practiced. Prior to that one were speed reading, educational kinesiology, NLP, so called positive thinking and Foley’s method. I gave up with all that nearly a year ago but, as I’ve mentioned im my yesterday’s message, I’m still recovering.

I learned about EFT two years ago at a educational kinesiology course (brain gym created by Paul Dennison). I am professionally connected with the education, andkinesiology was perhaps the most popular training course that time, it was recommended by friends, everybody was amazed with, and I just had started to work, so I wanted to train something reportedly that superb as well. The training took place at Towarzystwo Wiedzy Powszechnej. The lecturer was from Polish Association of Kinesiologists as far as I remember. By the way she mentioned about a new, sensational method, the EFT, consisting in tapping particular spots on your body – the meridians – and, simultaneously, reciting repeatedly the issue, you want to give up with. The method was supossed to be a remedy for every problem: with physical or mental health, phobiae, problems with habits, relationships or just a headache. EFT was supposed to help to find a partner, a job or win a lottery. The lecturer told that she herself and her satisfaction with each sphere of her life were the best examples of miracolous effect of tapping the meridians and reciting the healing formulas.

Since unfortunately I still was on the stage of fascination with the New Age, the words about the miraculous method met quite a fertilous ground. Many additional information such as the description of the technique, the location of meridians and how to tap them or the composition of the healing formula were to find in the Web. I downloaded an e-book, read it and started to use the procedure Or sequence, as it is called in EFT, I started to tap those places on my skin, were the meridians are supposed to be according to the EFT followers. I felt some psychical resistance especially against solving the most difficult problems including some problems with my past (the EFT enthusiasts will encourage you to do that, claiming that you should heal your past because that is the best way to solve your present problems and will provide you with emotional freedom). Sometimes I felt a bit better after tapping a problem, but I never found any true solution and never got fully free of my negative emotions. I was naive or rather stupid enough to believe that I surely should have dedicated a bit more time, that I perhaps took too short of it for certain sequence, while they say in the articles about the EFT that you should tap yourself frequently, as it depends on a person if the problem will be solved immediately or will require a certain time.

I am not hundred per cent sure but I suppose that use of EFT to struggle with my shyness contributed to spoil my close relationship. From a time perspective and after all those difficult experiences of that case, I know that just an honest talk about the cause of our conflict would be enough. And the prayer, but a real one, not mixed with some kind of positive thinking style meditation. But I knew so much about the new spirituality. Some three weeks before that difficult situation I started to treat the problem applying the EFT. I composed an affirmation about being brave and being life of the party and recited it several times a day in a low voice or in thought, tapping the would-be meridians. Honestly speaking I am furious at myself about that until now. When that difficult moment came, everything turned out completely different than I had affirmed. On the contrary or even worse. The effects in my personal life, in my relationship, were disastrous. We split up but I kept applying the EFT, this time in order to heal my sorrow. The tapping brought some relief from time to time, some loosening of mental and physical tension, but only for a while.

When things got a bit better and the worst times after the breakup passed, I started to feel sadness and negative emotions coming. All New Age techniques intend to eliminate those things, so I started to tap again, I felt even worse and I’d like to point out that such poor mental condition lasted for several days affecting even my work. I have not applied the technique ever since, although I have been keeping in my papers formulas for certain problems. Sometimes I had a temptation of to start regular tapping next day or next Monday and keeping doing it until I get the result, as I am patient enough. But I never really did, although several times I even reached for the instructions. Something always prevented me from applying it. Even now, over a year after that events, I still can recall that mental resistance.

Although I threw away all New Age publications, I had, I still have the a book about EFT, a friend of mine has given it to me recently. It is the book recommended by the kinesiology lecturer, entitled Tap Yourself Into Good Health. Break blockades, free yourself from pain using the EFT tapping acupressure method by Horst Benesch. Now even the media patrons of that book would raise my doubts: Nieznany Świat magazine, some psychotronic web portal; the editor: Astropsychology Studio. Unfortunately only now I know what should you think about the entities like those. I am going to quote some exceprtions from the publication in question, just to make a little more clear, what is EFT about.

The author says about his research: „the discovery and elaboration of the techniques, thanks to which I can more succesfully, more efficiently and more finely solve or at least ease the problems of my clients, always was important for me. I made quite a progress in that direction, reaching a point, when the creative, imaginary and intuitive abilities of the right hemisphere of our brain were more and more included together with the perspective of bioenergy and the mechanisms of its balance and unbalance”

As far as I understand the idea of EFT, the main presumption is that problems with some kind of internal energy are the source of issues faced by certain person at all, quotation: “The cause of all negative emotions (or health issues being an effect of) is a disruption in our body’s energy system.” The technique itself as defined by Benesch is: “a method of healing of various emotional as well as somatic issues, if they are caused by emotional distruption (and it is to much greater degree than it’s been presupposed until now). The method is based – as well as TFT (some earlier method – note by Ada) mainly on tapping definite meridian points of the body with fingers and on intention of healing certain disruption by recitation of specific sentences, referring to the issue.”

Honestly speaking an exact explanation of the real sense and basis of EFT is a bit difficult for me. It is a fact however that the traditional Chinese medicine, the chi energy, energetic blockages, energetic clutters, energy therapy, energetic psychotherapy, acupressure and acupuncture, selecting the proper meridians as remedies for particular problems; kinesiology, touch for health or NLP (unfortunately known to me) are referred to in that book and in other. All those techniques are interconnected somehow (the occultism is their common denominator – editor’s note).

I know, I have expatiated a lot, but I’d really like to share my experience with you the best I can, possibly to warn other persons. Unfortunately the EFT as well as similar techniques are inasmuch dangerous, that under the pretence of healing, therapy, psychology, settling of emotional problems, respect for all religions they lead astray right to the New Age. Thank you for your patience for reading this message. And a thousand thanks for your website. Thank to it, among other things, I got out of the swamp, I had been stuck in since my college.

Let me wish you and all persons concreating the website egzorcyzmy.katolik.pl God’s blessing and a successful New Year

Yours faithfully


All quotes come from the book: Horst Benesch, Tap Yourself into Good Health (translation of Polish edition), bold font from the editor

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